Tourmanents start times should be based on the region placement

Simply just have regions have a dedicated region place (US, EU, Asia, etc…) and have tournaments start at reasonable time according to the place. All the times currently are US favored and that’s really been keeping me away from playing. Keep ■■■■■■■ with the rest of players and this game will die sooner rather than later.

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Dedicated regions aren’t going to work with transfers…

I’m okay with event start times and I’m from EU.(perhaps I got used it. Besides , I like playing with people from different parts of the world).
Events should start at the same time.

No. Let’s put it into context-
Faction A previously had members from all around, varying time zones. Now that these “dedicated region places” have been implemented, there are only a handful of time zones to work with. Whereas Faction A could have been warring/raiding/grinding SR around the clock, now all members go to bed around the same time. And in order to score and keep up with all other factions, members would have to war throughout the night. Not just that, but they’d have to scrap CRW! How in the world is an American region supposed to war at the same time as say, a Asian region?? Do you want AOW across the board that bad?? Thanks, but no thanks.

What dedicated regions? Or are you suggesting there should be segregation amongst time zones? Thanks no thanks, I like the asians, aussies, brits & all others that i play with.

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Doesn’t wrk.

Players can’t be bothered to find out what region it should be. They can’t read. Or they want to play in every region.

But I agree that regions should be set up for geographical regions so you can play in your preferred time zone.

Yes starting events at 3 am and ending at 1 am are really ideal for us east coasters…

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So what is your definition of a “reasonable time”. Even if you did limit regions to particular areas (and ignoring the catastrophic impacts on war activity) not everyone from one region works to the same timescale. Some people work 9 - 5, some people work nights. What is reasonable for you may not be reasonable for others.

The answer is simply variety. Mix it up so that the whole world gets a fair crack at it.

I’m with OP.
If timezones are ruining people’s ability to finish a tourney and making them stop playing, change it up.
This from needs to have different divisions to make different players enjoy it again. Timezones, competitiveness, languages, etc.

The leagues was a step in the right direction but they got greedy and failed on the prize breakdown. Honestly, they figure that out and focus events mostly on league and most people would be much happier

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