Tough to Beat Garrett - Blog



First Leader Skill of Its Kind!

6* Garrett opens up the team composition and enables his team to effectively counter Tough and Alert teams:

All Tough :tough: and Fast :fast: Teammates get +40% HP and +40% Defense.

Backed up with his assault rifle, Garrett is able to stack up on defense 3 fold in the opening fight.

New Character Official Blog List

Sandy Survivor at IUGO would like to work with me going forward to talk about characters and what makes them special! (There will be another tomorrow that you’ve been asking about.)

The blogs will be a bit more detailed going forward but we were excited to talk about Garrett since he has a new Leader Skill.

I will be keeping all new character posts organized in a thread under Announcements. (will link when made.)


Tanky rifle!


That is wonderful news @SandySurvivor!
But any chance we will see og/old five stars turned into ascendables anytime soon?
P2P is over rated…


Very true. First base 30 defense blue weapon, I think.

And welcome @SandySurvivor


Soon… yes. Soooooooon.

New 6* Tommorow

So if your now directly working with someone who works in the game we’ll bugs be fixed d easier also I think ink I know ow who dat charector tommorow is all though I shall not say I think since I’ll probably jinx myself adding to my suffering


Nice one @kalishane & @SandySurvivor.

Look forward to some intriguing character conversations :blush:


I’d love to see a new Erin type leader for 6*,this lead is interesting though, definitely better for Atk teams than defence though I think


I want Erin so bad lol


Yeh wish I had her on my curent region, shes locked in my old region unfortunately but she is by far my favourite war prize ever


Lol… Dust off your gators.


Don’t need this promo to counter nobody but also this promo is countered by anybody…


Basic melee teams counter him, yellows for the blue, and greens for the yellows, hes not exactly that hard to counter


Glenn gator or gov. Any of those 3 I will ascend just on principle


Any chance we getting a Red/Green lead soon then since Garret is Yellow/Blue? @kalishane


:eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: Gator??? I’ll be waiting. If it’s not Gator… My heart will give out from crying


I’m really curious what if a double abe, double Negan behind this Garret would be a decent def


That’s what they bank on so instead it’s gonna be red Eugene


As long as it’s one of the 3 on the poster, I’ll be happy