Tough Luck on rewards



There is something wrong with my account where I have issues showing up on leaderboards or receiving rewards at times apparently. I have had to contact support for every single non tournament reward since Lori tokens, wait for their response and then receive them days late (which is inconvenient, but I’m trying to be understanding)
Due to the support load from the candle event I have had to contact support multiple times to get them to look into my account, which they did not do. Instead they sent me this:

I am completely fed up right now. Anybody else having the same problems?


Wow that’s messed up. How do some accounts (I know other who have had this happen in the past) have this issue and support being the best mobile game support ever … nothing get done to fix these issues or care about there members…


This is ridiculous for someone to have to request earned rewards. @JB.Scopely is there anyone to contact besides the normal support page?


There is one unique game support, that you reach within the game itself, or via the web portal

On this occasion, I’d recommend kindly pushing your request once more, as it could be a misunderstanding.

Players eligible for the event rewards have/are being compensated with the adequate missing loot.


How many times should I push a request as per the SLA? It takes multiple contacts every time, so should we set the limit at 2? Or 5?
Each of my contacts have been very clear on the situation, including screenshots and full explanations of the way the situation has unfolded.
Am I also to accept that this is just how it is and that I should get the wrong rewards or no rewards for every event at whatever point support gets around to looking at it? If this were a one-time thing I would be more understanding as I was the first time this happened.
Beyond that, I really feel I deserve an apology for thand amount of time I have had to put in the past few months trying to get my rewards.


This has to be sorted out, I’m sure you have forwarded to whoever is responsible our feedback and sentiment about the current customer service. But honestly just asking to push a simple request should be enough proof of something not going well with the service.


I have gently asked them again (before I posted this actually). What do you suggest I do when I get no response or get the same “tough luck” response again?


Nice to hear you’ve been able to remain civil in your dispute. Vular language only gives them the excuse they need to ignore you. If they are unwilling to answer you, your next step is to email them at including any help ticket screenshots and an explanation of the original dispute. G’luck.

Still no Garrett

and…players who dont have the 1 dollar offer?


Thank you for your support!
I’m not sure if it’s true that scopely outsources their support, but if they do we need to bring these problems to their attention.
I’ve outsourced jobs in the past and the companies I’ve worked with have been fantastic about making sure they keep the standard that I wanted. I know that if I were in this situation with any of them they would want me to bring this to them rather than allow it to continue. It’s their business (outsourcing companies) to make sure they maintain a high level of support for their customers, it’s how they get new contracts and maintain their existing ones.


After gently pushing the issue again, this is the response I was given:

Clearly support has not been informed that this is an issue, though they know enough to have created a template. Can I again ask for some assistance @JB.Scopely


I’ve contacted them and gotten an autoresponse at least 5x. Got Garret but no tokens, my 30x tokens went to my old region. Can’t even get anyone to look at it.

Opening region transfers during this event without testing what could happen was a real disaster.


It really was (though I didn’t transfer so it may be a different bug altogether).
I really hope you get your tokens at some point. We shouldn’t have to fight this hard to get rewards we’ve earned and we absolutely should not be brushed off by support when we contact them about it.


Bumping these threads until someone at Scopely pays attention.


Bump this thread. Come one @JB.Scopely is this how you want to be treated?!? Put yourself in their shoes. Clearly in game support is useless.


@JB.Scopely I have had two contacts with support over the weekend, both of them were the same response

Is anybody looking into this?


@JB.Scopely is there an update on this? Even an “I’m looking into it” would be something. This issue is affecting multiple players, not just myself.


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