Tough health stack?

Does it? 3 weps with tough health, would be great in an all blue team…

I don’t think so no. Would be pretty mad OP

It does stack, or at least it did… if we are talking about the bonus HP to two toons. It was part of the initial armory roadmap (saving Wayland’s foundry from Barker and Roxie), in the final stages you battled enemy with various perks, including bonus HP on three weapons - was really tough to kill

Really, wow so you could get get bonus hp on 4 or 5 or more toons every turn? Whew. Well I guess it is only bonus hp

It’s 5% bonus HP per tough to two mates. So one weapon in a full blue team gives 25% bonus HP.
Three weapons will give 50% to one toon and 25% to the remaining four

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