Tough Collateral Damage Konrad Attack team


Can anyone help me make an attack team with this tough Konrad 6 star toon.
I have Tough car lead
Tough tyrese

Any ideas?


Isnt that an easy chose
Leader Carl
Ramanov ,Marlon , Michone and Konrad

I also would try
Leader : Dwight
Carl, Konrad,Michone,Siddiq

With some extra crit damage mods for both Michone and Konrad


Issue im having is beating the jesus/magna shield teams with this team. I feel I need focus… or do you think its possible with the team you suggested


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Try to use some Active skills ,like Romanov’s
Taunt 3 enemies is very useful especially since resist taunt mods are not very common
And here is another advice (don’t kill the human shield first , kill revive toons , Command and guardian first )
I believe if you can get ride of the shield for one turn you can kill them easily with that team


You could make a powerful attack team lol


Only one team to use with Konrad
Dwight lead


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