Tough Amplification Weapon Bug?

So I just got a crit on Julie’s shotgun for 5% att bonus for every 10% AP. Just trying to clarify how it procs.

I have a video that demonstrates that damage buff calculates at the initiation of attack, however, when using a multi attack rush, the AP is apparently calculated as 0%, thereby not procing the effect. Is this what was intended? My initial thoughts were that as you initiate the AR, you would be given a 50% attack buff as your AP should be 100% at that point, but clearly that’s not how it currently works.

Please let me know either way.
I’m unable to upload the video here but I would be more than happy to send it via line.

Upload the video to YouTube first then copy past the link it will show here

Hey there, I’d be more than happy To check out the video! Add me on line - “Linkesus.”

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