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Kamikaze by Eminem is FIRE Don’t even get me started on the Killshot dis track

That is all, you may return to your usual Friday afternoon


did you see that MGK got booed off stage for trying to perform rap devil? rofl. he got murdered by em


He staged the IG pic and the fans had no idea he was doing that with his shirt of killshot. Then got booed off lol. Yet another career ended because you wanted to step to Em


yea i know, haha


Eminem. Is. Back




Not particularly a fan of either one, but i found this interesting…


Em sucks and the only reason people are saying Killshot is better is because they’re all a bunch of Stans who can’t comprehend that Rap Devil is much better and fires harder shots at Em.


Yes because calling some one the greastest twice and still trying to diss them I such a hard shot. I have to disagree that when breaking the lyrics down, EM comes way harder. MGK making lines like “your beard is weird” and “you sound like a bitch, bitch” are sad. Conversely EM hitting with “But I’m 45 and I’m still outselling you By 29, I had three albums that had blew” and that was only the tip of the iceberg, but now I see you GIF and realized I was triggered lol


Haha nah that’s not the reason. Break the song down and read. Did u listen to rap devil? Preschool insults and a girl that cant make up her mind if she likes a boy or not is what make up that song.


How you gonna name yourself after a Gun with a Man Bun…


That was in response to weird beard


“After a gun and have a man bun”*



all jokes aside, Snow was the best rapper ever. ain’t no one topping informer!


MGK did well against em, but let’s face it, no one will survive going against em. The beard is weird line is and insult bcuz em said he don’t want to be a rapper that grow a wierd beard and fall off. Hence your beard is wierd. Its actually one of the best line in rap devil


You educated me, and yes, MGK did well. I enjoy Rap Devil



I don’t really like rap but Eminem did ok.
MGK raps like a shitty robot though.


Which is sad if it’s one of the best