Totally outdated things in game

LadyGeek why does Scopely hate us soo much :’(

Imagine how stupid levelup tournaments would be if everyone got 10 Benedicts each week free. I#d imagine we’d quickly get to the point where you’re looking at 20-40 mil minimum to even have a chance at taking first. Might even get to see the ninth digit.

At this point, why not just remove gear from the game (except special gear like knives and heads)? Literally its only purpose is to slow down progress. As soon as it’s plentiful, it’s nothing but pointless busywork. Now, I obviously think this would be a bad idea, but the game is already full of meaningless parts. Instead of adding more, it seems much better to cut it out completely.

s-class need one benedict per lvl at t4 lvl100 and up

so what? Probably doesn’t make sense to level them anyway, maybe send them scavenging when there’s no level up running.

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The game seriously needs to be adjusted to fit the needs of the S class era. From torches to leveling them up to the amount of food and fodder. We are in S class era in 5* gameplay. It just isn’t working. @LadyGeek how do we start to get these changes? Im willing to write the list out. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be heard because I want this game to make it. But we need these changes and so much more.

Some people like me don’t even get food maps, when they might have a use for them in their minis.

Would never go that high… Otherwise it would have done so after pathways.

The food maps have been missing for everyone for 2.5 weeks (3 weeks ago the map started, then disappeared).

Levelups didn’t matter that much then. Just hitting milestones regularly was plausibly better than winning one. With the changes to the game, winning levelups is pretty much the only thing that matters.

This is something I’d really like to see. Great idea :+1:

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Were they terrible after pathways when players got a thousand of them? I probably have 500 left from the pathways event. Ten a week for almost 2 years = one pathways event. Hardly enough to level up one team full of S class.

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Speed up manual fight, this slow motion sux.
Let us reset or disable active skill or even maybe rush in auto fight.

So many things need changes in this game…

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We are talking about food maps. Who does not have enough gear just to sell and get your 3 mil points in level up every week. Food map is the least of anyone concerns I would hope so. Farm people sell sunglasses and shoes use the gear markers. This is dumb we need six star gear maps on a weekly basis.

Taking about food maps wow insert Allen Iverson’s practice rant…

yes they were. Scores were very ridiculosly high for a long time (mostly because some people actually opened boxes and then had to get rid of them because they couldn’t collect 2*s from TG anymore, this also means that they had to use them for low-value leveling - properly prepared, scores should be even higher, and probably by substantial amounts). I, and I would assume lots of other people, still have plenty of them lying around. (I even still have about 40 Benny/Basil chance boxes that were in milestones a year ago, although these obviously are no comparison to Benny boxes in terms of value)

Levelups are quickly becoming the only thing that matters in this game, and I expect them to become an absolute bloodbath as people realize. Increasing the number of trainers even more will only increase the pressure. Better get ready to put up scores in the 50+ million range; I’m definitely preparing for it.

Problem is, they know whats wrong because its be raised 100 times.

They just don’t ■■■■■■■ care.

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