Totally outdated things in game

What to with these things

  • Scav canps that goes away for days for a silver radio
  • Silver and bronze radios nobody use
  • Wood and food map noone does them after first 2 weeks
    -so keep in new realms but nowhere else
  • 4* characters tokens those are a mockery to get in FA
  • the 1* and 2* weapon noone wants them… i say noone
  • same with 1* characters
    -give me option to autosell

Rid 1 and 2* and scopleys wepon craft fetish missions become harder
Presides after Like a mahussive horde of em you get ton of food
Rember that event with the craft 600 as a faction
It could always come back

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1* / 2* weapons and bronze mods (maybe even silver) should be auto-scrappable. Just farming world map and territories will give you tons of weapons, and even with long press to multi-select, cleaning them out regularly is super annoying

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Totally forget about bronze mods thanks

What about the 5 day one which levels up 1 rush by one level and it is always random


Not if you send 3 fully leveld and one you want to level

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That mission is great. I use it to level ARs of low value 6*, so that I don’t have to waste Liliths on them.


Hey guys im about to hit prestige 9, can’t wait to put nonascendable 5* Michonne to good use :+1:


Damn @Dary you will dominate next war then

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It’s not random if you put in other characters who’s rushes are maxed and one who’s isnt. That’s how its been for a while


Don’t forget the town!! It’s been outdated for years. Would be nice to expand the town


yes i wanna se the guys and girls that walking in the town actully come to some place sometime

But it still needs changing maybe to 6 hours

Armory needs an update. We need more specials to craft.

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There are some useful bronze mods bro .

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All that scopely see from this post is that we need more 1* weapons

You’d think that zombie that’s been trying to get through the school bus for years would finally give up and move on. Idk…


The whole prestige system needs a massive overhaul to be more updated with the current meta. I think the governor is good. I used him and his gun forever. But once you get to 9 they really should have a aacendables there. Idk if I even still have her, but I’m still getting items to level her up. :joy::joy::joy:. I think I do but I ain’t leveling her.

I agree with this. My town hall allows for 30 buildings which is what I have. No expansion. I beat the sanctuary last spring so I been stalled. Depending on rm to have some stages to do. I feel this so much.

They could keep this in all realms if they do it like the gear map with rare gear in stage 1, ultrarare gear in stage 2, and elite rare gear in stage 3.

Change the wood roadmap to a mod-themed roadmap. Act 1 can be the existing wood map final stage, Stage 2 can be mod scraps, Stage 3 can be gold mod boxes.

Change the food map to a levelup themed map: Act 1 can be the existing food map final stage, Act 2 can be trainers (Stage 1 - Brady, Stage 2 - Basil, Stage 3 - Benedict, Stage 4 - Ulysses, Stage 5 - Aden, Stage 6 - Lillith, completion rewards - 10 Benedict), then Act 3 can be the 6* gear that should be farmable 2 freaking years after 6*s have been out.

Seriously, think about it. Within half a year of 5* toons being released, there was a farmable gear map that popped up about once a month. That was replaced with the current gear map that everyone hates but does it because it’s necessary. Two years after 6* toons were released, there’s still no gear map PLUS they added veterans rings and S class that require even MORE gear.