Total War event?

Hey scopely it would be nice and greatly appreciated if we could get another one of these war events. The extra rewards were tremendous. It was definitely a motivating war event.


I agree!" Was really good


Defo it was Goodđź‘Ť

We got the stash. Adding the missions shouldn’t be all that hard now, would it???

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You all refuse to learn, huh? Let’s break it down really simple:

Players: we really liked this event. Got lots of good stuff… can we have it again?

Scopely: what’s that you say? You liked this event? You want it again? Sure… give me a sec… just gotta change some of these useful rewards to something nobody wants… then let’s see… it said 9.99 last time right? OK, let’s put a 1 in front of that… hmmm anything else? Oh! Let’s make sure that when we tell them about the event, that we let them know that it’s exactly what they asked for.

Waiting on the farmable gear map and trainer map that players can farm basil’s benny’s and Bernadettes. But guess that will never happen.

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