Total stats to team grade

Just wondering if anyone has any idea of how the team grades are laid out now. Is it total stats weapons+toon+ mods? What are the numbers does anyone know?

I have an Excel spreadsheet that I did to calculate the numbers. The problem is that they do not weigh all the stats/mods/weapon bonuses the same way… in fact, it is rumored that all mods are not equivalent because it depends on how many MAX successes you get while building the mod. So a 525 attack mod with not MAX results during the build is not the same as one 525 attack mods that contains MAX build successes.

Long story short… you can waste your time like I did but Scopely doesn’t seem to want to share this formula with their players.

Not shocked thanks for the info

A+ teams can include a shiny gold 6* toon (tier 1 maxed out). So who knows?

Five Camilla’s gets you S10+ 3.8 multiplier.

/jk no idea


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