Total amount of toons


What’s the highest amount of toons a player can hold? Example I’m 403/350.


420 is the cap. Coincidence i think not


Are you sure? I’m at 380 and I don’t recall me missing out on roster slot opportunities.


Im pretty sure


By clicking buy extra space a whole bunch


Except I can’t buy anymore and I’m at the max level too.


Did you have them all bought prior to them doubling the roster cap?


Yup. 7 characters.


Maybe @kalishane loves me and gave me extra slots


Have no fear though, even with 420 you’re bound to have no space with all the effing trainers and fodder 5*s.


I think OP was asking how many you can have above your roster space. I’ve had 550/400 before


If you mean how many toons are there in the game: Not including unreleased toons, there are 17 trainers, 19 1 star toons, 21 2 star toons, 50 3 stars, I think 89 4 stars, 259 5 star toons, and 62 6 star toons. So we know for sure there are at least 517 toons in the game right now.

If you mean max roster space: I’m not sure, I haven’t reached it


Challenge accepted, maybe time to clear out 2 years of basic tokens… :wink:


Open them all see how many you get :slight_smile:


ive held around 500 after opening all basic tokens. You can prob hold more but you wont be able to add more through farming unless its Lillith


Im afraid BT are not even worth a tenth of a tap atm. Last time i tried big I ended up with a few thousand toons that were blocking TH and drops, would really not recommended unless you plan to use em all, like to AR rush 10+ toons completely.


That sounds frightening…the opening of 2 years of basic tokens


I’ve had 800+ before. Blade hand rick level up took everything out of me. Worth it it put the snub on first rank faction during one of the only interesting faction level up events.


How did you get to those numbers? I’m building a database and I have slightly more. Was wondering if you had a database too that I could compare by any chance…


259 5* toon- the 61 already ascended (41 are new charcaters 19 legacy)

So that only leaves 199 more to ascend

or as we have had 19 legacy and we started with 218 we have had 8.8% of legacy toons ascended in almost a year