Torches shortage

I mean more cards being implemented without an increase in torches, I find this a bit odd

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Not really. They gave us more options, they don’t intend for us to be able to do both maps all the time.


This is not what I meant, u just acting like u don’t understand on purpose manipulating what I said, pls do not respond to my topics any longer, I don’t like the way u act toward what I post

This I agree with. Scopley gave us more options to get certain S-class cards while maintaining torches to be the bottleneck. It is nice that there are 2 Acts that just require world energy for x30 cards each day so that does help.

I definitely would like there to be an increase in torches but knowing scopley they are still controlling the pace of players achieving certain S-Class toons.



$$$ $$$$ moneeeeeyyyy lol
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I hope they increase the cards in these road maps, at least for the older toons.

While they can still maintain the 30/130 for a new addition like Rosita, please provide more for the older ones like Priya, Aarav etc. There are players who are still going after these toons.


I’m not sure why you took my response personally.
I know exactly what you meant, I’m saying that they likely added the extra act to give us the option of getting different cards, not so we could get more cards. Therefore they haven’t increased the torches.


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