Torches not counting

Anyone not have the torches not count towards the torch count for 4th of july event? Just finished the map and it still says 0


Happened to me to. I just messaged scopely, so still waiting on a reply.

A bug? Shocking.


Yep same here did the map and nothing counted towards the mission @TayTron

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Happened to faction mate so I’m waiting til it’s fixed.

Jesus what a surprise. Their incompetence knows no bounds.


Same here support ticket in with proof ss

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Happened to someone in my faction too. Ridiculous.

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Happened to me on the S-class mission. 200+ torches used for no credit. Wanted to make sure I said something so I can get the requisite 10 wrinkled shirt apology…

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Same here.

Torches and day 1 daily log in still zero after finishing daily roadmap using 166 torches.

My elite character token opens didn’t count either.

It’s Elite Item tokens, not characters. Not sure if that’s what you meant or not, so it may be a misunderstanding.

My mistake seems I wanted to think that Scopely messed everything up rather than mostly everything :smiley:


Dame thing happened to me. My count is still at zero and I just finished one complete run

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I mean, it’s not an unfair assumption…

Same here

Glad i’m not the only one lol, seems plenty people not getting the log in either :roll_eyes:

Same, the whole event id a joke btw. No museum exchangr for sparkles, not geinsblr 4 szar weapon, char or 5 star tokens to finish mission… and why should any1 want 4 star characters in the s class area?

same torches not counting for me too