Torches for s-class roadmap

Less than 22 hrs left in roadmap and no way I can see to get enough torches…
I guess it’s safe to assume a over priced offer is coming?


What the f is up with them? Every single thing now requires you to collect and object to turn into another dozen objects just so you can then pull from a wheel with a .00001% chance.



What if it’s a daily roadmap, or at least recurring? Might have to hoard up torches over multiple tournaments to use.


But isn’t that another blackmail to keep people active in events they couldn’t care less about?

Seems like a house of cards


Not really blackmail, but different players will react differently to how it’s set-up.

I’m F2P, so I’m already getting screwed by the new power creep, Pete, and Priya regardless. At least now I’ll be able to build up overtime and get Pete. Might take forever like the free comics collection right now, but for many others like me who don’t spend and play this game casually, we’ll at least get something.


You’ll get him in 2 years, long after he is no longer relevant. Completing the entire roadmap would get you about 153 blue keys, roughly 1.3% towards the 11,000 needed for S-class Pete.


Are you joking that will probably take a year minimum


Kinda like those gold radio roadmaps? Interesting how that worked out…

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And they are going to ascend all the 5* and never sell 6*.

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@Jim_Mac @mcbeefington

Again, read the point I’m trying to make. It’ll probably take ages, but there are many veteran F2P players like myself who don’t even have a 6* human shield after playing 3 years so far. I’d rather have the option to build up to something, rather than getting the usual 5* tokens.

I am playing casually after all, so the game could close down tomorrow and I wouldn’t care either.


I completely understood your point but was giving mine which you can take or leave. I get that it’s great to be able to work for something you’ll (maybe) eventually get but if it’s worthless by the time you get it then what’s the point. e.g. “Prestige Edition” 5* Michonne. No f2p has this yet and probably won’t for a year or more. She was useless 2 years ago already. :frowning:


Empathy factor for those dropping crazy coin in the dying days?

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Lol, I got a couple milestones in level up. Went to do the s- class map, and a super walker ate 5 of my torches by bugging a level. This is a joke hahaha funny Scopley.

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I had the same issue to! What’s the point giving out special items if they can’t be used properly. They are aware of the walker issue but het make it a walker map smh!
No point in messaging support either because there little pearl of wisdom on how to fix it is…to be patient smdh. The amount of wasted cans on sr and world energy and now these touches is a absolute joke


where is the rest of torches ? i need more torches

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Torches now. Do we get pitchforks next?


Next event

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We will be proposing offers for torches before the time left on the roadmap runs out.


@GR.Scopely So can torches be saved to be used in the future on the map? Or is this another p2p map?

Probably should have made this known beforehand because I personally (and I’m sure there are plenty more people) wouldn’t have used to torches acquired from level up had I known the only way to get enough would be to purchase them…


It’s the Scopely way.