Torches are being retired [coming soon]

Can’t wait for this game to be wholly premium and screw itself up lol

It’s the worst ever you should quit


That’s a bit rude

You’re right let me change it up.

I’m sorry you are so hurt by this game that you feel the need to make up something that may or may not be true. Maybe if you weren’t playing the game you would have better peace of mind.

Is that better?


That’s better.

That advice applies to most

At least he’s not shirtless in his pic anymore

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Luckily my vision issues didn’t allow me to see that. LOL

What happened to the complimentary term of “passionate player”?
Shame on you, guys
@Veni is just passionate.

I see that as a loss.

Running the torch map is getting pretty stale it just takes energy from farming for other parts of the game. It wouldn’t bother me too much if shards were given in some other way or just in milestones but as choice boxes. It could promote a little more competition…

Be grateful it wasn’t the OP responding to your post…
He has/had a habit of responding only with “I didn’t ask for your opinion” to every post/comment/opinion that didn’t match his. :rofl: