Torch rodmap choice box...Mateo?

Why did you guys go from Clem to Mateo? You skipped shiva, gentleman, rosita, eugene, and rick. Whyforyoudodat, @WalkerTexasRanger @TayTron ?

Yeah i was waiting so much for eugene :pensive:


Don’t ask questions. Disapoint and lies are your only answer…


Probably because there is a infection counter just round the corner rendering Trader and Mateo useless :joy:


They did fast track Aarav just before Angel dropped

I don’t know why they did this but I liked so much, Mateo is a beast


Well I guess an argument could be made that Rick and Rosita, are in the battle pass, so maybe they don’t want to devalue that? But I would have liked to have had a crack at Gentleman and more Shiva cards.


I have yet to see an s class gentleman in the wild.

I did fight a team with 3 traders once… That was a thinker.

Gentleman is straight attack. On defense, hes aarav/princess/priya food.

Omg?? He’s so Crap! What he is good for? Impair all one round, that’s so a, wasted Slot on Teams… Good that they Skip Chars like this and go for the useful and strong once.

Don’t say that to a god tier toon :pleading_face:

Lol . Really

Simply cause all the toons you mentioned are still useful. (Except the useless Eugene)
However Matteo is good but I think they’re going to release a heavy toon that gives focus heal reduction clean and a great amount of hp and defense bonus.
It’s all business here .
I don’t blame scopley at all . They’re doing a great job in the last few months and I like where the game is going.

:joy: Okay, i’ve said nothing…:sweat_smile:

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