Torch map missing

Surely it’s still gonna be available since they are giving them as level up rewards, right @JBScopely?


Should be available since the entire game is shifting to collections and at the very least have a daily way of assuredly getting them.

Little fix*

I’ve been keeping my torches waiting for them to add new collectibles. I’m sure it will backfire and they will just stop the map altogether haha.

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He left like my father, i already had the torches to get Priya damn

I was doing this but then thought they will just end them and then i will sol lol so i use that to slowly collect keys for pete

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My luck they’d do the exact same map just with lighters or matches instead of torches lol

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Not only the torch map is missing, but their bag offers was off in the last two market reset :roll_eyes:

Do people actually buy those??

I do with my coins now, might as well minimally speed up my S-Class acquisition than try to get a 6* that’s kinda already outdated

Aren’t the prices insane for what you get though? Some of them is guaranteed you’ll get just 15 or 25. For 5 bucks worth of coins? (Iirc on the numbers) I was really hoping no one bought these bc it’s so ridiculous to me that its even a thing. Should all just be world energy to begin with

Still no world cans on sale either btw… smh

I only get the 130 / 200 coin ones. I still make a weekly profit. I’m only using ad and diamond coins, not money, so I doubt Scopely will be swayed to keep them because of me lol.

Agree it should be world cans

I always buy the 130 gold bag, is the most valuable than the other 3 offers.

Damn this thread reads like Somalia’s 2011 agricultural report, famine and shit

10 torches, 5 keys, half a cone…word?

Oh I can’t do that map most of the time, 160 something torches for 130 collectibles, I usually have 60 torches
…a b-grade western flick where the outlaw massacred 100s of civilians, their pets and there’s 50$ bounty on his head…bruh pls :pensive:

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