Torch Daily Offer giving 10 Burts instead of trainers

So I purchased the daily offers of torches last night but when looking in my inventory the normal brown bags were not there, but was replaced with 10 x burt bags.

I’ve sent a message to support but had no reply but have noticed theyve removed the offer from the daily sales so it seems it was noted but still no word from support for me. Usually get a reply when an event is over and can no longer use the items i need

Me too and many more. I open a Ticket but 12h later no reply. I bought the offer just 24h before and it works. Came up agn and fail got 30 Burts at total

I got answer from Support. I can keep the Trainers and get the torches added

yeah but they said within 24 hours and its almost 36 hours since my reply

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Yeah me too, i just send another Ticket. The Offer is there agn with old Odds and amount like first day before the tried to chg it

Been days since this happened. Was promised compensation. Hasn’t happened. I bought the torches cuz im close to a toon, thanks for the f.k around scopes :fu:

I got reply from Support today. After 48h from the first reply were they said in 24h you will get Compensation. So got reply today, automatik onces, that told me hold the line we work on that :fu:t4:

So lesson learned? Don’t spend? Or lessen not learned and keep spending?

TF do you buy this stupid shit in the first place? You have been getting fleeced but yet you still buy from this horribly ran company that is clearly stealing from you.

Heh heh and to think you come back to buy more and get fleeced again.

No wonder this company won’t change.

But keep spending and keep getting ripped off!!!


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still nothing come back from them today, almost 100 hours later

People will spend but spend very littel, its still getting a leg up for quicker ways to get a toon to help during wars etc

I got compensated today with 600 Torches. I open a new Ticket and send Screenshots from Discord with players that got comp instand a few hours later i got mine too

thats decent but out of my 3 bags the other day i got 1200 so maybe they changed it before

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