Topics entitled " killing the game!" is killing the game!


Seriously! I have read so many posts and topics, on the old forum and new, that end with “is killing the game!”.

It’s alarmist,




And unnecessary.


Seriously. There are better ways to get attention.


Topics entitled “Topics entitled “…is killing the game!”, is killing the game”, are also killing the game.


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It’s also – normally against a forums rules and guidelines for this very reason.

Let’s chill on those guys. It is true, if you were a new player and walked into a forum seeing posts like that it wouldn’t entice you to join in on the community / game.

If you’re really worried about the size of the community within the game – it doesn’t help. :,(


Lol who’s worried about community activity really when regions are losing about 5% of ther active players a week atm

People are only accusing scopely of killing the game because…THIS GAME IS DYING

Thers nothing dramatic about it … it’s a fact!


Are the regions not part of the community?

Is that 5% compounded weekly? Or 5% of the starting populace?

Maybe you misunderstand drama, because to me, typing a statement about death in all caps seems pretty dramatic. I mean, it’s not Shakespear or anything. More like a child throwing a tantrum.


This is how you win TWD. Last one on the server. At this rate I’ll achieve victory in under 20 weeks.


And be alone in your faction… no more loot for farming



To be fair if Scopely would do things to make the game better for all not just to new players who do not know Scopely super awesome RNG yet, then most title might be started with “wow Scopely killing it” “poll: what’s Scopely most killer add on” “this new feature is killing it SCOPELY keep it up” so maybe they should be asking why and what they are doing to kill the game!


I can’t speak to specific regions but data would prove otherwise.

That being said – we are working on ways to improve and your feedback helps.

However, yelling “this game is dying” doesn’t help like you think it would.


Also let’s be fair on another thing, hardly are their any post saying features are cool or great! That says a lot about the direction. When it also comes to positive things Scopely takes it away case in point picking order of attacks then auto play it was applauded in the forums, another not having to claim scavenger missions people liked it Scopely changed it to if you click it you collect! Now let’s take the other way beta say bugs\dislike and add anyway example territories beta after months say it was dumb, Scopely released to a few live region’s so many complain say it stupid so much so Scopely scrap’s it takes it away only to months later release the crap called territories live to all. I could go on and on with these! I mean for real things that were told to them over the years they’ve ruined if you say"this feature is awesome" they seem to get $$$in the eyes and ruin it (supply Depot, armoury) those ring a bell!!


No one believes that data bc Scopely would lie about the sky color.



A perfect example of this is the halo franchise. People were saying multiplayer in halo 3 killed the series…


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