Ошибка в музее с наградами


Здравствуйте,у меня произошла такая ошибка,была собрана коллекция,но произошло выбрасывание из игры,и когда зашел по новой то оказалось что коллекция не собрана при выполненных условиях,подскажите как мне вернуть награды.



Pretty sure this says he/she has an infestation of cockroaches that require extermination. If scopely could kindly call the exterminator and eradicate this application from his/her device this infestation could be eliminated before it gets worse.

Sorry for being insensitive to your bug report. I wanted to just talk some non-sense and this just showed up.


Hahaha I use this image at the end of slide decks every now and again at work just to see who is actually paying attention.


It’s a very versatile image. Lol


Google translate says;

Hello, I had such a mistake, the collection was collected, but there was a throwing out of the game, and when I went on a new one it turned out that the collection was not collected under the conditions fulfilled, tell me how to return the rewards.


и что делать?