Дорогие пакеты на предметы коллекций!

Сделайте пакеты доступными или включите предметы коллекции в миссии или события


Rush b blyat


Madder facking noob why go A???

Иди нах сопляк

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Мне жаль, мой друг, ваше предложение очень хорошее

Ты разработчик или юзер?

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Как достучаться до админов а разрабов?

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Rush B?


Кто такой раш б? Я спросил как достучаться до админов проекта или разработчиков этой игры.

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@High_Power Might be able to help you. He is the only one on the forums (That i know) That can speak russian and english. Ask him


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Ok i was able to translate with google and it is sorta accurate but enough to where i can help you. So if you want customer service go to settings and click on help. But you want to ask about the developers? I dont have a clue. Lady geek might know. And the offers yea scopely has not put in the effort to regulate the price for the economy in other parts of the world. The packages you speak of are priced for US economy but some parts of the world are either cheaper than US or more expensive like russia. Again though sorry but that’s about all i know.

Also rush b is a counter strike meme.

Rush B ? Y’all forgot about the P90 !

does that cake mean its your birthday? Happy birthday

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Thank you ! :>

@FinCh1408 yeah sorry man. Some guys and myself were poking fun. But i did try to help you as much as i could. The offers are priced quite high here as well. like the new yellow key collection cost around 170$ usd.

Это очень дорого, сделали бы в трое меньше, люди бы брали, а так это просто развод и наживательство какое то

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