Проблема с игрой


Здравствуйте,у моего друга проблема с игрой,по его словам : " Короче ситуация такая: После обновления, появились разные проблемы, например пропали все внутриигровые сообщения, не приходили награды за участие в турнире, и самое главное игра начала вылетать. Стоит зайти в режим территорий так сразу приложение выключается." Игру переустанавливал.
Спасибо за внимание !




Hello, my friend has a problem with the game, he said: "In short, the situation is this: After the update, there were various problems, for example, all in-game messages disappeared, there were no rewards for participating in the tournament, and most importantly the game began to take off. territories so immediately the application is turned off. "

Thank you for attention !

Better to help him then those replies imo:/


Sorry but have you seen anyone else posting something in their mother language on an international platform except of Russians? Russians believe their language is the world language and there is no need to learn English. That is at least my experience across different games


Может я не к вам обращался,а к своим же русским сородичам ,которые бы не стали выеживаться и ответили бы на вопрос


English isn’t the world’s dominant language, (russian isn’t either) but like Americans, a lot of Russians didn’t learn multiple languages because of various propaganda initiatives.

Now both the USA and Russia are way behind Asia and western Europe in terms of knowing multiple languages.

If you speak Arabic in the USA you can basically walk into the C.I.A. and name your own job and salary (as a consultant)

If you speak English, Chinese and Gernam my company would pay you $400/hour to translate in real time during important meetings


Задал по сути вопрос,и с каждым ответом она уходит)))


Concordo com você.

Eu falo português não entendo nada em inglês, mas uso tradutor da internet para conseguir me comunicar com vocês. Não é algo perfeito, mas me ajuda bastante.

I agree with you.

I speak Portuguese I do not understand anything in English, but I use the internet translator to communicate with you. It is not perfect, but it helps me a lot.


I don’t think there’s an issue with posting in another language but I think it’s smart to, considering most of the known staff speak primarily english, to attempt to run your issue through a translator for convenience sake, just so when someone does come around they’re able to respond and interpret to the best of their ability quicker, even if the translation is a little off, rather than take up too much of their time adding the additional task of translating it themselves.


When i saw the russian post my mind start running thinking maybe those russians from VK will hack the game and give us all a Shieldshone or something like that. XD

That Shieldshone that everyone seems to get even with prestige tokens but not me :disappointed_relieved: hate that RNG machine controled by monkeys that scoopely must have in a secret room in their HQ :rofl:


Check the vk man, I’m tired of rude foreigners and they are begging to translate it better faster blah blah often… Don’t judge a nation by single person, everyone is unique and we are all the same simultaneously :slight_smile:


На каком устройстве он играет ?


@TheSurvivor in @Ana_Carla_Silva’s case, she hit a jackpot, Eu falo português (I do speak portuguese) :stuck_out_tongue:, you’re right, though. Majority of staff here is english-only speaker, or low level french, because you know, IUGO is in Canada.


I’m happy that you speak Portuguese, but I know that most of you here speak English, so I try to post and communicate in the language spoken by the game’s staff and I’m glad I can do it using the internet that helps me in translation.


you’re a winner.


In the end, my question turned into a completely different conversation


Hopefully they will come with some help for you.

Have you tried clearing the cache, then reinstall the game?

If your game is linked to your facebook account you can also try to clear data.

That have helped me sometimes when i had problems.


I also have low level French, like 10 words/phrases … :cry:


Je ne parle q’un peau aussi. :stuck_out_tongue: