Topic Scopely, topic!

what do you think scopely’s idea to create a topic for possible spoliers of new characters (existing) for accession?

They’re not going to release a new list of existing characters that will be made ascendable.


And just why not beside the obvious answer that there is no plan in place for future ascendable?

Why do you insist the players gain all knowledge from a hacking group? Why have the forum if it’s not to inform?

What is to be gained by keeping players in the dark all the time? What a stupid anti-consumer business plan and it honestly boggles my mind how this game ever became profitable in the first place with how poorly it’s run.


Our desperation, and in turn, money.

wE dOnT nEeD a liSt

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Yes, we do need a list. So we can get ready future ascendable 5-stars. We can use some dupes as fodder if we know they won’t be ascendable this year, etc.

Now enjoy some anime. :wink:


Yes please.


Don’t let @s1acker6 see that


If no list = half the time to release them. Go for it

I don’t see the uproar over a list… I’m more annoyed at the slow pace they realease them. It’s a simple solution… don’t use a five star as fodder if you don’t have a dupe.

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“Roster 1000/300”

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So if they came out with a list and your five stars weren’t on that list, you would use them as to ascend? What is they are on the next list? If your up to 1,000 sounds like you have some bennies you can use to ascend :slight_smile:

But I will agree, the character cap is one of the top 5 dumbest things in this game.

I only have like 7-10 roster spots open at any one time


Same here. I find myself using trainers when I don’t want to just because I need to pull two stars. It’s quite obnoxious.

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I can’t tell if the original comment has been edited at all. That is not an English

The engilsh leguagr veri gud fren :slight_smile:

And in a game about earning, buying, and collecting toons having no roster space has got to be one of the dumbest decisions in a long list of dumb decisions they have and continue to make. Even if you were to pay for upgrades you still hit a cap that is far too low for the game.

Suggestions have been made for years on how to fix it. Simplest would be to eliminate the cap altogether and if that’s not possible then just make trainers stack or not count against the cap at all.

I’m tired of having to constantly use up my 5-star dupes (I had to get rid of all my 3 and 4-stars) just so I can have a few spots open so I can level up with 2-stars from the training grounds during the tourneys.

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We don’t need a list! Idk why this is even a topic

It’d be cool if upgrading the house slightly increased roster space,per upgrade

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