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When crafting does the weapon require successful crafting and then critical success or do they run independently? Maybe the critical success is calculated 1st? Trying crafting without the duct tape since I am only interested in critical success. Curious if i’m Wasting kits.


this is a joke, right?


Good for them, let them know the truth about scopes and what they will do to their money. :+1:


Agreed. If I could go back and tell myself where the game ended up and the money required then I would guarantee i’d never start. Why would I help Scopely pull a fast one on unsuspecting newcomers?


I seriously doubt there are any potential new members that would check the forums before starting, most will just find it in the app store and download from there and no one bad review there will make enough of a difference to the hundreds of 5 star reviews from people that no longer play or fake reviews scopley purchased to pad their rating. At the very least it may make some people who have just started and come here for help realize what a shit show this game has become and save themselves a lot of time, money, and suffering.


Well we loose players every week now, so it’s not a threat it’s just a matter of time lol. One more solo level up and I’ll throw up. Peace :v:


Oh, looky here. I knew I would get backlash from writing this. This is awesome. Not. :smirk:


Scopely prolly wants your jock tho


I wish somebody warned me about scopely before i started the game



I disagree, people should be able to vent their frustrations if they want to. That said, I still find it humorous, especially if their “frustrations” are dumb founded.


I hear what the op is saying, but honestly, it would be easier to post positive comments if we had positive things happening in this game. Also, honest user feedback is key to a lot of people before trying things. But it’s up to the reader to decide what to do with the information.


I’m right there with you. Personally, I am ashamed with how much I have spent on a mobile game, or any game, for that matter.


I wish I had seen quit threads on old forum before starting to play this game.

I think it’s perfectly reasonable to be honest. New players should know what they are getting into. I would not wish ignorance on anybody.

If you have to lie to somebody to get them to purchase your product, you are no better than a sleazy used car salesman.

If you’re tired of seeing goodbye posts, a more productive use of your time would be to get Scopely to make a few much needed changes that are causing the droves of quitters and goodbye posts, instead of burying your head in the sand like You are advocating.


No, but some do. I sure as hell do now after this game lol.


Sure, you keep on being positive about a game ran by Neanderthals. A positive outlook will only make them think “wow they seem to be enjoying these 20 solo level ups in a row, let’s keep with that theme!”

If they see people quitting more and more then maybe, just MAYBE, they will think “wow we really need to change if we want to keep at least some of our playerbase to keep some money rolling in.”

This game is TRULY fun as hell. But when you have to either buy everything or just grind & grind just to be a mediocre player, then it starts to be anything but fun and instead becomes a chore.

Scopely needs to realize what they are doing wrong and change it or you’ll keep seeing these quitting posts. Simple as that. But truly, kudos to you for trying to stay positive.


I like that you want this community to be positive and have hope. Yes I would like new players to see the good things about the game and try it out for themselves.
But to be honest, I also want new players to see the truth of what goes on here and within the game. Our voices often arent listened to. Ask yourself if you were a new player, wouldnt you want to know whats up?
There’s nothing wrong with someone saying good bye to the game and the forum. Friendships and rivalries have been forged. When people have had enough, they should be given the chance to say their farewells.


We are Sorry for the fails. Here, take this solo lvl up with 5M Milestone and 5* without ascencion. We Hope you are enjoying!

Keep surviving!

Now seriously. How long until this game dies? Last year we had a guarantee 5*. This year we are going to Get an epic gear. Yey. But I understand. They are low on 6*.

See? I’m being positive! /S


Why should I care about new players? They aren’t coming to my region. My region has been closed since I joined and they aren’t doing anything about it. We don’t owe anything to scopely.