TOP3 6* human shields, your thoughts?

  1. Fast Jesus (-AP default weapon)
  2. Fast Andrea (Survivor Club)
  3. Tough Magna
  4. Strong Koa
  5. Alert Ajax (150% atk default weapon)
  6. Strong William (Heal 20% HP self default weapon)

For me:
Fast Jesus
Strong Koa
Tough Magna

Remember when people said how shit Koa was,
Pepperidge farm remembers




Koa is still shit to me even with ad, but I have some strong reds.

You have to think he was the first 6 star human shield it is like green negan he was a tester for the main ability.

  1. Jesus
  2. Andrea
  3. Ajax
    The reason for Jesus and Andrea is just becuase of ABS DEF. There are no counters besides disarm which I’m yet to have. Ajax with stun can cuase some issues depnding on if my resists pays off or not.
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Jesus is a beast but damn magna can take a beating…seen her survive some nasty hits.

Koa isn’t as bad as others say with the right support cast and mods. Guess that’s true for a lot of toons though lol.

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Ajax (offense)

I do like Andrea as I can equip as desired. She’s more of an Jesus alternative imo.

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the 2 of them you could argue anyday could flip positions, i like magna just because she is an absolute tank and her being a fave character also sways me a bit.
as far 3rd i cant really answer that tbh, i find koa at times can be a pain but so cant any other 6☆ shields. idk enough about andrea or the newest premiere to say 100%. i like the look of andrea and to me she can easily be an attk toon because of her high stat and taunt(resists arent as common as stun and confuse), just depends on your application


1 Jesus
2 Magna
3 Andrea (Koa a close 4th).

Andrea just pips Koa due to AD, she’s basically a poverty Jesus

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or Andrea (so long she’s not a leader)

Jesus (definitely)
Definitely not Ajax.

Pshh,konrad would whoop them

None of the above

Last I checked that was before mods, or an absolute defense green weapon

Pretty sure he’s still mediocre (and I’m putting it nicely). We’re forced to pick top 3 here, not top 2. If it’s the latter, Koa wouldn’t even make the list compared to Magna and Jesus.

Yep, mods, absdef weapon, plus the EXTREME push of revive / bonus hp lead us to slooooow raids, and time out teams.

AP down is especially useful in those cases, so that helps the natural weakness of greens.

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Andrea best because I can give her a weapon

Hell yes. Comparing 5 vs 6 isnt fair. But in the 5* era he was more OP them one of these six in the 6*. But i love my yesus none of the less

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