TOP100 is wrong

Has anyone been having this issue? Its not like it matter to much but should be address. Using the Amazon App.

U need to be in diamond 5

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Yeah you don’t count unless your in the top division in scopely’s eyes

I been in V all last season and I still didnt show up. I’m wondering it’s a app thing

Looks like a case of the git guds


You don’t need to be diamond 5, but the scores reflected in top 100 are the scores after the previous stretch ended. If you check their scores, they will all be higher

For example, #13s current league score is

I understand that and have check and still had higher scores then other but I post after I get promoted today to V

Top 100 won’t change until after stretch ends. It is the only time there scores and names change. You’re kicking ass though, keep up the good work

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So I’m guess others not having a issue. Cause like I said been V all last season and had the score for sure but never was on that list

It’s an ongoing issue Nicko.

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Yeap I’m also not there with 471k league trophies, but well, I can’t do anything about it

Points earned in D5 only count

You should defo be there @Jacky

Known issue and seem super low priroritized
If you change from diamond IV to V every point count
If you stay Diamond V all the time your points to add up
I am not even on the toplist but should be top 30

Oh tsarraz, grats on the promotion to leader

Thanks so much.

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