Top wave 3b CRW faction looking for new members or factions to join region

Hello fellow players. For in first instance we are searching for new players to join our ranks in the upcomming transfer period. We are family kind faction without minimums. But still we end in top 2 last 5 wars. Our faction is The Mutineers situated in Montgommery region. We are a mix of p2p and f2p and a good mixture of Euro and US based players ranged from s8 till s17. Would u like to grind and laugh with us and also dont mind that real life goes before game life. Hit me up.

Also if u looking for a new home for your faction. Running for big whales or Aholes. Maybe we can welcome you as a whole. Dont be shy and ask me any questions you have.



Maybe a line ID ? I am interested if you finish second in each cross region war . That means you are a high active faction and I am interested to join if the server is US/EN .


I’ll add you in line

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