Top Players of RTS! 😏

So as you all know we have the Top Factions of RTS list! And there is alot of talk about stacking Q and stuff…

So with that in mind why not have a top players list!

Here is my top25!

  1. Vendeta
  2. War Slyest
  3. Fairy Dust
  4. Ze Pequeno
  5. Zanwich
  6. Madlife
  7. Pam
  8. Mandy
  9. Ralf
  10. Coiner
  11. Byga
  12. Young
  13. Spiderman
  14. MVPCaleb
  15. Dev Jacky
  16. Neo
  17. Brucey
  18. Link
  19. Apollo
  20. Mumuta
  21. Raul
  22. Bruno
  23. Emin
  24. I Am Sam
  25. Mongoose



I’d put gods on there

Dev Jacky*

How’d this noob even make the list?


Some on the list are F2P but extremely good with limited resources! Its not a list based on who has the better roster! I think if everyone has the same roster this list would look very different

Gods for sure

I didn’t make the list :sob::sob:

Brucey is on the list? Can’t take it seriously


Who even are you

Are you lost babygirl? It’s me

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Need salt

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I was wondering this also

Its you mario

  1. The Flock of Sheep
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That can’t be a serious list, name it top Dreaddie’s friends and then I believe it


Looks like the seriousest of the serious lists, good job!

It’s not limited resources, anyone can be good with good weapons, some are extremely lucky with their bucket

Friends with rampage*


If that was the case some factions wont be on it!

Just my opinion Carl! Dont be hating be celebrating!


Yeah, main point

Who needs rampage?