Top of all characters

What do you think?
I will be glad to read your opinion and discuss it

Top1 - best characters, must have
Top1.5 - characters that are good enough for top2, but do not reach to top1, can be useful in many situations
Top2 - not the best, but not bad enough characters that have a place to be
Top3 - average characters with whom it will be good, but you can do without them
Top4 - weak characters narrow use
Top5 - worst characters in the game



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I don’t agree with most of this red Beta isn’t that bad and Mia is amazing


Green kelly (as any commando char) is pretty good cuz their only use is to build quick teams


Damn, I forgot that Mia is reviving xd
I thought she was only maim and nothing special
So, she will have to be raised in top1.5 or top2

I do not think so
He is too weak, and because of the specialist and the AP buff, to put him higher I see no reason
There are analogues better than him

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Doc Stevens is far from average imo, one of the best in the game.

Chris is a glass cannon, he’d be more average in my book… nothing special.

Payback Negan should be at the top, he and Wayland are the only toons that force you to change your game plan rather than rushing endlessly. For that reason alone, they should be in the top bracket.


Good list however, I agree with quite a lot on there :slight_smile:

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If there is concentration, the red Beta becomes nothing :confused:
It does not cause too many problems, as for me

I actually completely missed Elle! She should be in the top 2 brackets minimum, also think Ivy is rated a little low as her defence down block is very helpful… maybe bump her up 1/2 tiers.

In our region, the red Nigan has ceased to be a big problem, as before. Sometimes his causes inconvenience, though. But ordinary hits are kill him.
And Chris in my practice is an excellent character, he shows himself well

Why is yellow governor in top 5?


But that’s the thing, you still have to change your game plan. Everything revolves around the payback toon as one rush can end your attack.

Chris against the OP G2 toons stands absolutely no chance 9 times out of 10, I have him and think he’s incredibly average.

There’s a reason these top guys are using Negan/Mia/Elle and not fast Connor or alert Davie and that’s because they’re miles ahead.


Nothing but slowing does not cast. Not very productive in defense.

Wow… Either you have never played this game, have no understanding of how the characters work or you just randomly assigned cards to tiers.


Stevens in tier 3 says all I need for this list. Mia, Beta, Nik, Cole, Elle and Roxie in t4 is even more laughable.


This list is all over the place, nice try but needs a lot of work


I think you got alot of this wrong but I definitely appreciate the effort you put in.


Chris sucks take 4 years for him to go off.

Worst list I’ve ever seen lol