Top of all characters (upd)

and red mariabelle and green negan

Seriously underestimating Blue Morgan.

Putting Harrison, guardian rick and Michelle in with the best toons in the game is also a mistake.


Rick in meta now, Michelle also too
Harrison is a good attacker and lead
Blue Morgan not so relevant


and Connor, yeah
thanks, did not notice their loss when rebuild the top

Nik is far too low on your list, he’s a brilliant toon that both F2P and P2W use; tier 2 minimum.

Hunter is wayyyy too high also, worst revive in the game and is outdated to almost being no use whatsoever.

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Nick creates problems only with command. Rush and active a no-problem. His not a one command in game, any other command can make the same problems, but they have better rush/active, so I underrate Nick, because his deserved it :man_shrugging:

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Rip RNG Sergio

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Absolutely not.

Just like me. I feel bad for him tbh. He has a somewhat cool look. Like a game designer techie. I’m sure he is a good person just useless. And not even f2p

He isn’t free. Look at how the war milestones. We have to get 10,000 of each colour ballon. Clearly that won’t be free because most people won’t hit 200,000 milestone for war, 1.4 million on level up and who knows what raid will be survival road is likely do able

Ps. If he is fully free. Great. I’m thankful. I’m also thankful for the free Governor and Alpha and Michelle

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Being thankful for free Sergio is like being thankful for the free flyer a club promoter just handed you.

The other 3 - fair play, they have use.


Play the game then y’all would hit milestones as for me that’s no problem so if I hit my milestones he’s free to me because ima grind to get him you just need to earn it y’all legit want it free free hand to you free lmfao if I hit all milestones and complete all roads and I don’t get him then he wasn’t free. Yeah never let event milestones pass like that I grind for them

900 balloons max milestones, by the way you need a 1000 a pull on that stash.:rofl::rofl: so you will need to hit all milestones and buy bags.


Not sure to understand… Why Harrisson is on the Tier 1 list? Oo

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Its just OP’s personal opinion. Based on his personal gaming experience and roster. Nothing more.

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All of these are the OP opinions on top brackets. If you look close enough you will need the exact team he uses based on how high some of these toons are that deserves way lower grades.

Right set-up he’s annoying on defense. Certainly doesn’t belong in the bottom half though. Top 2 is a perfect place 4 him.

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