Top of all characters (upd)

Now with top6 :з


Poor sergio, he was born as a piece of trash


I disagree

Happy Birthday, game!
Your gift is Sergio…


With whom?

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He’s really underrated! seems like people have taken the meme seriously :rofl:
But dupes are not fun!


Davie makes this list a joke

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Drop harrison one and move morgan up then it looks good

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I don’t think I would marlon and Rosie at the 1, maybe 2 or 1. 5,

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One of the most ungrateful gaming community I’ve even seen by a long shot

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I use him still. That burn and bleed works pretty good these days

Agree … Douglas… BA Cooper… Yellow Kal. All 3 of these toons are keeping me afloat vs high end spenders atm

Red Beta is absolutely a nightmare on defense with 8% and command

To post author:
Don’t wanna knock ya bc it’s cool to look at and would be great to get a more accurate visual but:

5: princess is actually underrated with her control ability.
4: yellow kal, bacooper, cole and nik are all extremely effective and relevent toons.
3: beta tsk tsk

Quite a few not named but keep at it and itll be really nice visual for folks to look at when a lot more accurate


:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::joy::joy::joy::joy: dude. You can’t be serious

Yea man to many folks let dumb stuff be reasons to degrade certain toons… Availability vs usefulness are two different things lol

shouldn’t yellow gove be at the top

also you missed yellow zeke

and red mariabelle and green negan

Seriously underestimating Blue Morgan.

Putting Harrison, guardian rick and Michelle in with the best toons in the game is also a mistake.


Rick in meta now, Michelle also too
Harrison is a good attacker and lead
Blue Morgan not so relevant


and Connor, yeah
thanks, did not notice their loss when rebuild the top