Top of all characters (rebuild)

Figured out in meta. Took part in the war and improved the top.
P.S. just forgot that Mia is revive-rush, do not think I’m stupid :slightly_frowning_face:

Top1 - best characters, must have
Top1.5 - characters that are good enough for top2, but do not reach to top1, can be useful in many situations
Top2 - not the best, but not bad enough characters that have a place to be
Top3 - average characters with whom it will be good, but you can do without them
Top4 - weak characters narrow use
Top5 - worst characters in the game

Without new Wayland, Tye and Hina



I kind of disagree with some from the bottom.


Unless you want us to pick toons to make a team, then Im a complete idiot lmao

Mostly agree. Nice list

(We can all agree toons ultimately depend on Def vs Off, the team around them & weapons equipped)

Defense or attack? Or both? I don’t war anymore but still keeping up with the chaos :grin:

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You way devalue yellow governor. He is a monster if you use him right.


For example?

Def & Att

If you think yellow Kal is a weak character, you have obviously never paired him with Bruce. Between the two of them, you can keep A LOT of rushes from going off.


Far from the best combination to be honest :man_shrugging:

Mackenzie is worse then Solange? Ok.


Depends if you go for an Ap denial strategy. That’s my usual strat, but I have Raven who is significantly better than Bruce.
Kal is one of the most underrated toons on the game. I’ve just started using Mike on my teams and it was Charlie who made way for him, not Kal.


I have none of top group. 5 of 2nd group. 7 of 3rd group. Most of mine are in 4th group.

Looks like as well that attack was prioritized in forming the lists. Half of the first group die extremely easy on defense. Love to see teams with the yellows from first group. Can usually kill 2 before their defense makes first move. Of course my mid level team was designed to kill yellows and blues though.

Mix tierlist
You can remove all attack-characters and will be the top of deff-characters. Also you can remove all deff-characters and will be the top of attack-characters.

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Interesting post!

This is better than last time, but yellow governor is a 1 or a 1.5 on your scale. Perhaps you haven’t had a chance to face him, but with the benefit of a shield, he is the 2nd most single handedly devastating defensive toon in the game right now (after Elle)


Hell no
Nothing but slow. Nothing. That`s all he can. All. Slow. Absolutely nothing but only that.


doc should be in the top group, if you ever used him your self on attack you would know why