Top Factions of RTS! πŸ™„

Ohh, look at that blue glow! Congrats Link! Much :blue_heart:


Smh kitty! Rude!

Boy oh boy , pe still salty. Probably cause of old memories from Troup :joy:

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I was pretty sure we had won more in the head to head.

I stayed down as I was giving away points quicker than I was getting them.

As I said only reason I question it is in the past I have seen it brought up that head to head was more important than ranking finish so questioned the inconsistencies

I have not been salty :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: see response above

In last 2 hours we faced twice. We were arround 150k ahead and you won both times, but it’s because we didn’t fight but simply wasting 2x30 min with free repairs. You cut like 30-40k both times but you get stuck against walkers or biohazard and lose time allowing us to gain that advantage again.

Play smart, not hard, dont let ego win. That was always our strategy.

Last match was fun, finished 1 second after you could declare next one :joy:

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At the end of the day, the faction that finished higher won. The head to head records are only a small percentage of total wars faced.
Anyone that says otherwise is just trying to claw back some credibility after their loss.

One war weekend doesn’t mean one faction is better than another. Sure it means you did better that weekend but things change quickly. DAR vs SE has happened quite a lot lately, there seems to be a different winner each time. SE may win next time, or DAR will repeat that win. Who knows!

i did see that the last match ended at just under 30 mins lol

we faced walkers most of sunday i think sometimes 2 matches in a row lol RNG was not for sure

Ive not questioned the podium finishes btw was just curious on the head to head v finishing place as it seems to change to suit the narrative

This chat got chatty today

This List is absolute not accurate and i bet you Carl_Porter not play in a 1A Region and ever faced one of them lol.
It’s not about Fantasy Football League here

i like to plant a seed and watch it grow lol :wink:

What does this have to do with the upcoming ToC 2? Let’s see the list of top regions

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Oh that would be delightful! :yum:

@Carl_Porter originally had :

  1. Dead End
  2. Fkr
  3. Ap
  4. Ttt
  5. Victory

You should put 4 and 2 together :wink:

TiTTy FKR was the merge that should have happened for naming reasons only


this faction would of been No 1 just for the name alone


I think head to head means β€œsomething” in regards to WOC predictions, if only because there won’t be lower factions to steamroll quickly but it doesn’t hold a lot of weight in my eyes. For me how β€œgood” a faction is is based on placement. If a faction with weaker teams is placing above a faction with stronger teams it is clearly because they have adopted a better strategy overall and aren’t winning battles to lose the war.

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Yeah, perhaps it does. But sometimes it does not say much either.
We lost a couple of wars simply because they kept repairing and we didn’t have to win and didn’t feel the need to go all in. It could have went different if circumstances was different and we had to win to get the top 3. Maybe we would have lost with bigger numbers, maybe we would have won more if trying hard.

Of course you get a feeling on how standings are, but nothing are set in stone until WoC actually finish.

No one are able to make a 100% accurate list. Things change, people switch factions and factions merge for WoC.