Top Factions of RTS! πŸ™„

So it would be nice if this could stay open longer then a day :man_shrugging:t2:

Lets not all act like toddlers and have a nice thread where we can discuss who we think is strongest!


  1. VV
  2. Walkers
  3. DAR
  4. The Mighty
  5. SE
  6. Crazy Brazillians
  7. Mofos
  8. BioHazard
  9. Nightmare
  10. Anarquistas Elite

tenor (5)


But DAR sucks


In before thread close.

Side note-If you want a fun discussion just set up a line group with unbiased mods and you wont have to worry about scopes whistle blowers.

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Why is vv still first when they got stomped in woc by walkers. Hmmm


Cause last couple of wars they were beaten… member list changes and imo this is the current representation of the power in the game :slight_smile:

Unbiased unlike the forum mods. That would be nice

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Also, still blame ralf.


And to add something to the actual discussion, 38 should be top 10


Then i think its excluding notable fx
The whitfield faction Lethal infection could be added based on how theyve performed

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38 are atleast 7th on that list actually

But i think its top factions that are elgible for woc, so 1a.

Or else Nois and Le cercle and others would be there too

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Just says top facs… I dare say a couple of those facs will go to woc.

@Dreaddie we need a ruling…
Top in 1a? Top overall?
Prettiest hair ?


Think it would be fair for a list of 1a and 1b cause I’m sure the facs in 1b will move to 1a for woc if they want to participate but also can have a top list for 1a and for 1b

Top 3


1b …
Top 3

Le Cercle
? I dunno any others… lol

Don’t really think below top 3 is that important/is hugely changeable week to week.

Thread is called β€œtop factions of rts” tho… Id think on a competitive level

if they are 1a yes! but then we need to add more factions aswell.

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