Top Factions of RTS

Me too I’m not even going to WoC but mass bans sounds like a good time!


Annual ban day is arguably the most exciting day in the game/forums

I thought it was happening today though, the ban wave

Only scopely would ban players AFTER they helped their faction qualify lol


That’s what they did in the first WoC.

Let’s drop the ban hammer already Scope!

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or after they buy this week’s new s class? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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Ready for this topic to reborn

I’ll get the Asterisks ready lol

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This thread is pointless

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Sorta like these forums


It’s better than playing the game :joy:


Formerly mofos of marion and my old bunch of auto clicker reprobates

Everyone get your popcorn ready… I got some juicy info on suspensions in some of our top factions I’ll share later.

Want to give the courtesy to the leaders to be honest for once and share their messages before I do it for them.

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For full transparency, VV has (1) one suspension. Screen shot below as proof:


Our leader logs only on beta, we don’t know

So has said person been removed already?

That’s not bad. Just wait until you hear what redacted has. RIP.

Thank you for being honest. Not many have been. Respect.