Top Factions of RTS

Underestimating Public Enemy, underdogs is nice way for me to come back :wink:

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we seem to have dropped :scream:

We’ll find out the results in a month

@CrazySausage I’m surprised to see you guys below PE after this weekend tbh, pretty sure you had the h2h as well

yeah we came 2nd just behind TTT. Best war ive had in ages tbf. constant fight between 2nd and 3rd

I was watching from afar, i think my fac finished about 65th in same matchup :rofl:

It was same against all you guys at the top for us, 4 attacks out if lucky and probably 4 fails as well hahaha

looked like a fun race between 2/3/4 yesterday

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yeah always way more fun when positions arent certain. war is boring when places are locked in so to speak

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I am not the keeper of the ranks.

It’s hard enough being a damn koala around all these damn pandas, let alone keep track of the ranks.

However. I think the list above it solid.

giphy (6)


See if you can follow in WOC bro​:sunglasses::muscle:

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What’s that mean? Lol.

Some sort of challenge or something?



Is it because we are cuddly pandas?

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I love Pandas, they are the cutest…and cuddly. Basicly what we are😍 we will be lovely together

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Merge talk…lol


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To anyone considering merges/transfers:

You may want to wait for ban wave to occur before committing to transfer/merges. Rosters could drastically change depending what scopes found.



Lol burrrrn but true


Now this I can’t wait for!