Top Factions of RTS Update 1/13/2019


Updated as of 01/13/2019 5:08 pm Eastern
I am trying to put together what the community thinks are the best in RTS at the moment. I have gotten the list started by using a combination of Diamond League rank and the most recent CRW scores. IN ORDER, here is my list below:

1 Notorious
2 AP
3 SB
6 We teach Fear
7 We Are One
8 Mofos
9 Outcasts
10 Invictus
11 Days After Rodeo
12 Victory
13 French Survivors
14 Alexandria
15 Black Label
16 Infamous

Honorable mentions:
Black Label
Born 2 Fist
Dead Inside
Other Mofos

**list obviously is tough to keep up with people moving and changing factions constantly.

Congrats to the newest factions on top 16 list: We Are One, Days Rodeo, and Victory

As always, subject to change as I gain new information pretty often, please discuss in this thread with supporting reasons.

Top 10 Factions in RTS of All Time

We’re Diamond now


shush woman


Make me…


on my way…


Netflix & Kill-Ben Hill (Former Mofos from Marion)


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When did they move regions? I am sure they are good, and as a trusted member of the community I am willing to take your word on it so I will add them


Is the plan to gather them and put them in their own region? Asking for a friend.


Haha, not really. Doing it for because it was joked about a poll lol. And I am curious


Moved recently from Bullock, won 11 crw before transfers and 2 since. Formerly mofos of marion and my old bunch of reprobates


Cant they just use the top League teams?
Otherwise, it’s just he-said, she-said


To be fair, leagues is just activity and spending. Doesn’t show strength exactly


If they havent already been using some sort of March madness style bracket style for the last upteen CRW, they’ve dropped the ball.
CRW matchups arent random.


last week. they took first in crw against some good facs


Best way to show whos top dog. All go to the same region. And keep fighting it out. I hear forsyth is a great meeting point as they don’t have a super faction yet.


It’s best for everyone


A New Threat, formerly of White, deserve a mention here. I think they are in Effingham now? Anyways- they are impressive.


We could sell admission and put on shows.


Maybe those top factions are a little too afraid of the competition?

I’d also suggest scopely sponsor the travel keys.
Like they wont make the money back in the first hour.