Top factions in 1B

we all know the tops in 1A. what about 1B? many great factions there. NOIS, LC, 38 who is the best


Sorry but who cares


What this guy said. Looks like someone made a new account to start some lame ass debate. Lol


Le Cercle

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Well the top factions thread was the most entertaining thing ever on this forum. Why not give this a try too :slight_smile:

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What’s NOIS and LS by the way? Mention the regions also please. Will help a few avoid those regions during next transfer window lol

Kinda cool to know the competition :slight_smile:

I’m in NOIS also known as No One Is Safe. We are in hart region. :slight_smile:

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As too who is the best I believe All the facs named are great.

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Yea u guys are sick…tell ghoul i hate his team

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Le cercle and 38 never got the chance to war against each other. will be a good one if they meet next week.

I think all those factions are very good.
No one is safe is quite difficult.
The Playhouse is a really good faction too.
And Predators.

I’ll shamelessly bump this thread if you bump my Strongest wave 3 faction, thread.

Strongest wave 3 faction

Those factions would slapped you hard lol

Indeed, looking forward to that happening

Hopefully next week:)

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