Top faction recruiting 5-7 players


My faction is looking at recruiting 5-7 active players. We’re a top faction and compete top 3-5 in CRW usually but also top 3 a few times . If interested pm me.



That’s it? No name of region? No name of this quote “top faction”? Glass half full don’t ya think?


if you’re interested you can pm me. Would rather not make all the info public


See… Now you’ve just got me hoping the faction is literally just called “no name”…


No. Just no. Don’t hit me with the super secret elitist mumbo jumbo.


bump ()


bump 7.


I know a faction called No Faction


Sorry to disappoint you bud but it’s not bartow


If you need 5-7 from a different region why don’t you all just change regions


Come to Marion I may join you all I’m homeless there 25 from faction I was in left


2 spots left


Negative bump


I’ll take one up
PM me when you can