Top faction recruiting 2


Well established faction looking to flesh out some Asian/Australian time zone players GMT +7 to +11 preferably. We prefer a team player mentality and good activity.
We usually rank top 3 in CRW and are the top ranked faction in our Region.
If you can see yourself competing at that level and think you’d be a good fit message me for info.

Thanks for your time.


Another non European recruiting post :sweat_smile:

Good luck recruiting. Say hi to Wolfman :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Everyone needs the Aussies :joy::joy::joy: we’re rare asf in this game now hahaha


Damm im in New Zealand so im out. No one ever wants my time zone recruits.


Pretty sure you’d be included too :joy::joy: you’re only 2 hours ahead of Aus


Nah no one ever asks for us lol they all want Aus or Asia and we get left out lol


Now recruiting … New Zealand players


Nah but this posts time zones include NZ I’m pretty sure hahaha


I’d happily take anyone who’s active can compete and plays overnight North American or a Euro that is an early riser, but Euros that get up at 3 am are like unicorns.

Your name didn’t ring any bells with him… Sorry?


Yeah definitely if you’re interested let me know, I didn’t mean to exclude you all, I love kiwis!


Hi would love some details exactly what im after