Top faction and top player

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Random flex?

Lots of people have no lives like that not impressed

Oh I thought this was going to be like the time that dude scored 85 billion in a single war. You know, something amusing and/or interesting.

FYI, the “other” Vendeta from AP put up 1.59 Million last AOW against Notorious :slight_smile:

Also, SB just put up 13.27 Million this CRW :man_shrugging:

#1 player? You mean me? #1 F2P player in the game!


#Truth #F2P4Lyfe

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a bit aggressive on the attention seeking. good scores tho.

All those points, can’t spell Vendetta…

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Nobody cares :joy:

I personally like the 300-400k range.

  • Get some good sleep in.
  • Maybe a Sunday nap.
  • Read the news paper while eating breakfast.
  • have some cocktails out

Maybe one of these days when the wife is out of town I’ll go for the big 1M. But for now I’m happy in my target range.


also this :rofl:

I like the 100 k range lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: one evenening is about all I can take of this game currently … spend more time trolling the forum

Shouldn’t you be in your mom’s basement bruh

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For what it’s worth, I think he was just reporting from his own matchup. Congrats to Vendetta and TTT :tada:

I’m with her in the basement. Prolly best he isn’t here. That’d be life scarring.


I think he has a fan. Lol.
Vendettta is the correct spelling fyi

Did they? Not heard that today.

Good running into you this weekend dude.