Top 5 Worst 4* in tactical meaning


Since everyone is talking about top 5 legendary and epic characters, I think it’s time to look at 4* toons. Some of them are still used on survival road and roadmaps and sometimes raids (Red Kelly, Eleanor, Pocky, LE Jesus, Chuck, AOW Maggie and many others), some of them are pretty decent and some characters are just AWFUL.
Of course, that does not mean I am going to piss off beginners who’ve just started to play and think that all 4* are good in their opinion. I just want to tell you my opinion about the worst 4* characters.
Here we go:
№5: Green Rod. Sure, he is good against walkers and can recover the whole team from penalties, but his AR is slow and Parting Shot skill is not very good.
№4: Red Amy. You may disagree with me on this term since she has a decent leader skill, but her AR… Headshot? Really? With 106 AP as usual, I don’t see any use for her in raids and you can basically replace her with 2* Jorge or 3* Timothy (there is also 2* Mac, but he is blue). Still, she is decent against the walkers (especially with red Kelly in lead). That’s why she is not going any lower.
№3: Yellow Denise. 106 AP again and only 50% health + recover of some penalties. Come on! Even Red Maggie (who is not in the list BTW) with 106 AP heals the entire team with 70% max HP. Lead skill however is good and that’s what prevents her from descending to lower positions.
№2: Blue Gregory. 150% damage up to 2 enemies and heal 50% health is just pathetic. Life steal may be useful in some cases, but his AR should have been more powerful.
№1: Red Eugene. 106 AP? Check. Shitty AR which gives WEAK attack and crit boost for a couple of turns (correct me if I’m wrong)? Check. Leader skill which will most likely NOT help you in action? Check! Seriously, what a joke of a character he is.

Post your worst 4* toons HERE!

  1. yellow Denise
    4: Glenn/ Siddiq
    3: Blue Greg
    2: Rod
    1: Eugene


Top 5 Worst

Nr. 5 - Green Heath: He has basically the standard rush of a attack 4*, but much slower

Nr. 4 - Yellow Tye: So cool and intresting he looks, sadly he sucks. A few small buffs for 75AP

Nr. 3 - Blue Gregory: His rush has a intresting Idea, but it’s so bad. If it would’ve been atleast 250% damage

Nr. 2 - Red Amy: She deals critical damage to one enemy for 106AP. I like the Idea and did a similair toon in
my Custom Character Showoff, but the speed.

Nr. 1 - Red ‘‘Trashback’’ ‘‘Big Rat’’ Eugene :nauseated_face: : I absolutly hate this character and everythink
about him: His Design, His AR… Everythink. Also I’m cursed with him, since my record was to get this
Dirtback from Ascendance 7 Freaking times in a row. damn


Top 5 Best (Bonus Round)

Nr. 5 - Red Valerie: She deals really good and solid damage to a line of enemies and gives buffs. Also she has
Decapicate which is always helpful, especially against teams with atleast 2 revivals.

Nr. 4 - Green Allen: Aside from the fact that he’s my fav, he’s a Great character. His rush is a really good
combination beetween Heal your Team and Impair the Enemy team. If commanded he can rush in
2 turns and that works great.

Nr. 3 - Yellow Pocky: He’s the king of SR against Walkers and Humans. He deals massive damage and has
Guardian, great under a Molly Lead.

Nr. 2 - SR Maggie: She deals damage like a 5* and gives 50 Crit. Do I need to say more?

Nr. 1 - Blue Bridget/Red Mark: I couldn’t decide with these too. There both increditable characters. Mark has
Neutralize which is better than tenachity, but Bridget deals Bleeding damage. I also love the designs of


all of the four star characters in the prestige wheel

  1. red Amy
  2. blue Gregory
  3. yellow Denise
  4. red Maggie
  5. Joe Bob/ blue Dwight


I don’t care about the other 4 and I don’t care about actual usage wise, the number 1 worst 4* will always be the limited edition 4* Negan related to the Negan event. Because he will always be a reminder of the lack of pulling a Michonne head.


I started playing this game a lot later (and missed such an opportunity). Still, I feel bad for you.
Don’t worry tho, you can still get that Negan from 5* token wheel…if you are lucky enough. :smile:


A lot of crazy on this thread, Blue Gregory was a beast back in the day, that heal would piss me off to no end.


Just no, no way. Glenn was the original rainbow AP lead and he cleared status. Siddiq was my SR lead for all yellow stages until 6* Barker. Siddiq cleared status too and he was a tank.

If you guys didn’t play in the 4* era you shouldn’t really rank them because the newer 4* are super OP compared to OG 4*. A lot of these toons were competitive back in the day.


Top 5 worst… so would that not be more commonly known as bottom 5?


I think people are undervaluing red Amy in this thread. Decent leader skill (drop lead, will do the job for newer players if they don’t have a medium/large drop lead yet), and her rush is actually quite useful on the “stun walkers from both sides” sr stage, as it’s a guaranteed headshot without triggering stun. The high ap cost is not so bad, as you can recharge while clearing up the regular walkers.


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