Top 2 Faction Recruiting

We are a top 2 faction looking to bring some new recruits on with us. This last weekend we got first in 2/3 events, the other event we got second in. CRW we usually get top 10. All out war we are pretty evenly matched with the other top faction and can get first or second. Our region isn’t overly populated and is a nice place for solo events. Let me know if you are looking for a change and would like to join us. We use line so I can contact you there and give you more details to see if you’d be a good fit for us.

I’m always curious why factions that are recruiting don’t provide their region and faction name in their recruiting post? Best of luck!


I guess its just to make sure no big OP top faction moves in on their region to take over in a attempt to chase competition. Just a guess.

Or they’re 2nd place in a very weak region.
“top 2 faction” sounds better than “2nd place faction in Troup”

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