Top 16 Factions of RTS Update 12/11/2018


Sarah and Thomas were awesome and had no drama. They were team players and put in work and never complained. I recommend you do the same for AP before you get replace.


This is Facts!


This thread still going? Why?




game ego’s a fkn hilarious. a random list that Bane throws up on is opinion and people think it’s the CFP rankings lmao.


Lmao, I actually laughed


I only post what I can personally vouch for. Glad you had a better experience. But how bout you worry about yourself because if I get replaced it won’t be for drama (silly post). If I am not not good enough for the faction I will step aside or accept being kicked. Faction always come first Scartrist, ex War Pig, and unfortunately this isn’t standard. Once again I wish you best of luck for fun times ahead.


Fun always comes first imo :slight_smile: if you dont have fun in a faction why be there or put in effort?

Fun is key! :smiley: Doesnt always have to be drama for people to want to move.


Wow, 600 replies, just whip it out and get the rulers.

I’m honestly glad I moved away from competitive play in this game. Now I own a tesla with the money I saved lol.

Keep swinging that big D!ck energy around


You guys are leaving out the scopely faction as they continue to dominate your wallets consistently




We are only a few days away from the next CRW! Who will get the match ups? Will AP travel to take on Notorious for the number one spot? Will SB rebound from their loss? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z


They’d never move to match a super region.

Yes sb will.


Then they can be #1. FKR is willing to move to match a super region and added a couple new recruits, so new top 6 has emerged

  1. Notorious-Albert
  2. Abusement Park-Colbert
  3. Strictly Business-Chilton
  4. FKR-Bullock
  5. Surprise Mofos-Albert
  6. Tropos Ton Theon-Albert


This seems more accurate


Notorious are still undisputed champs imo. Mofos kept up with them for most of last crw so maybe they’re top 3 as well?


Put them at top 5. One thing is clear, Albert is the best region on the game.


Notorious had at least 1 loss last crw


Ttt is outta top 10 they were beaten alot


If it were more even matches mofo will win #1 maybe ap #2 Notorious #3