Top 100 players ranking system

Hello, i am currently at like 1.57 millions Trophies, i watch top 100 players and last guy is like 1.39 (i know it updates every stretch). I was for like 3 stretches, beyond the average score in top 100, being in like always rank 30-40. I am asking because i DON"T KNOW what to do to see myself there, i want the badge and the stretch end in 4 days. I played every event so yeah idk… maybe someone can have some ideas because i don’t know what should i do to see myself there

Edit: Yeah so basical the make summary (all replies here). I was in diamond 5 as well whole season, i was in top 100 from the beggining but at some point i dissapeared (even rank 3 at some point). As all people replied, The system i bugged, they need to fix this, and is their problem, no matter how many points a man can take, sometimes it doesn’t show you up there x)

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It’s bugged, I was at 1,6m before the stretch updated and I’m still at 1,45M

i have 1.63 millions trophies, but it doesn´t matter, u don´t get anything

You need to be in diamond 5. But yea, it’s certainly bugged.

I wasn’t diamond 5 at one point and still appeared there, it’s not a requirement but the bugs are present for sure

it´s not true i always was on D5

Mine is bugged as well I should be top 20 on the list and I am not even on it and I am in diamond five for last two weeks … it happened to me last season as well if you stay in top hundred and also in diamond five you will get that badge.

It’s a requirement to be in d5 for the score to be updated on the board. Unless they changed it.

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It’s bugged as hell I’m at 1.5 million but my milestones don’t even show 800k milestone accomplished. Been in top 100 1 day around 98 place but my league points show that I should be around 50th place and yeah D5

If you stay d5 something dont count if you go to d4 and back the magic calculator start to work again

:rofl::rofl::rofl: to late to try that.

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You can appear on the top 100 board without being in D5, but your score will not be updated until the following week, whereas people in D5 will have their score updated in real time.

But the ranking system has been bugged all season. I was in the top 100 for the first few weeks of this season and my true score was around 400k higher than what was being shown on the top 100 list.