Top 10 reasons why I'm frustrated with leagues

Top ten reasons why I’m frustrated with leagues

  • 10.The time sink. This game had enough time sink before leagues, and now it’s basically just been made it a 24x7x365 game. It’s supposed to be a game, not a second job.

  • 9.Territories were barely tolerable before Leagues were launched and are absolutely intolerable now. They used to be somewhat stable, always occupied by a faction, and you could help out your friends by clearing walkers when needed. Now most of the map is white every time I login, no matter which region I go to, and that’s depressing.

  • 8.The money sink. The only way to keep playing 24x7x365 is to spend money.

  • 7.It’s incredibly annoying to launch the game after a few hours’ sleep and have to wait for the game to cycle through a dozen territory notfications before I can touch anything else in the game. Because, you know, if you touch the screen while notifications are still popping up, you’re just going to crash and that prolongs the misery to the point you question why you haven’t quit the game yet.

  • 6.The rich get richer. This further widens the gap. The people who are most powerful, who spend the most time and money on the game, will now have better and quicker access to more gear and characters that make them even more powerful.

  • 5.It’s always been incredibly annoying to have to individually tap on each territory to collect. Now that territories shuffle every hour, it’s beyond incredibly annoying, it’s making me want to quit the game.

  • 4.Isolation. Who has time to socialize and spend time making the community as a whole a better place to be when there’s always something that has to be done in game?

  • 3.This forces me to spend more time doing the parts of the game I dislike (have I mentioned how much I dislike territories?) and less time doing the parts of the game I do like (helping friends with things)

  • 2.This update does nothing to promote helping each other succeed, despite the league faction element. It’s entirely about ‘how can I maximize my individual trophies?’. We’ve heard over and over that the only thing keeping people playing this game is their factionmates, and you’re killing that sense of working together as a faction.

  • 1.The lack of explanation. A few blurbs in the release notes is all we get for a new feature of the game? It’s been over a year since Albert Wei’s Letter to the Players, where one of the five things we were promised was “Community updates by the development team with every major new game feature/event.” The development team hasn’t even posted on the forums once in the past three months. We need to bring back the developer Q&A threads like this one when Faction Assault was introduced


I’m just ignoring it. Doing the stuff I would normally do, and if it counts towards whatever this League thing is then that’s fine.


I’m just in to collect these coins for another transfer key…


Great post @LadyGeek. You bring up a ton of good points and I’m sure a lot of the players agree with what you said. Just thought I would add my take on one of the points you mentioned.

Territories should never have been a part of leagues. I have said it numerous times how it would do nothing but hurt the small and medium factions. Now they will never be able to hold a spot going forward. Not to mention its the buggiest part of the game and it will crash on you daily.

Will they ever fix the crashing that goes on in territories?

Since we all know the answer is no then how about at least not charging the cost of the attack until after the attack resolves instead of before this way were not getting screwed out of an attack


Beats having to pay for it. :grin:

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I respect LadyGeek, but that list is kinda weird.


From this post you write. I think you might just get your leader position revoked.

just saying.

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I don’t think she cares anymore. Besides being able to critique the game is every player right. If they can’t take some constructive criticism and don’t allow people to speak their minds then it just shows a major lack of respect towards us.

Truth hurts. Show us that player’s first attitude I have heard mentioned in the past but have yet to see come to fruition.


I critique the game all the time and then I get suspended. Wish I could “critique” the game and not get suspended.

oh well, I’ll keep surviving I guess.


It’s not that you critique, but how you critique that elicits a suspension.


Critiquing is Critiquing no matter how you do it. Some are more passionate in their emphasis and some just don’t want to see past the passion put into the words.

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There is passion, and then there is being offensive. My recent flagged posts/bans have come as a result of my critique allegedly falling into the latter category…

I completely agree about the territory issues. Never have enjoyed them in the first place. But now, it has been even more of a nightmare with people just attacking and sending them to walkers since leagues started. Just drop a team people. It has even affected our weapon territory sharing flow too, because some lower factions know there are easy targets in there and will jump in hitting them to walkers for league points.


Whoever thought making territories give trophies as long as you’d be fighting humans was a good idea needs a kick in the nuts. There’s legit people with alt accounts in other regions dropping a bunch of territories to walkers.


One thing that would make it better would to give trophies for clearing walkers
Some of the best territories are now left to walkers because no one wants to use energy clearing them


So who wants to be my territory buddy? I’ll jump into your region once a day to clear walkers if you reciprocate.


I could not agree more! @LadyGeek You have summed up everything that worries me.

Territories in my region has become a barren empty waste land full of nothing but walker filled territories. No one wants to put teams in anymore when attacking, they just let it revert walkers. But then no clears them again after.
Why anyone thought the current setup was a good idea and was going to work, I’ll never understand!

The fact is that it was yet another poorly thought out and executed feature. That does nothing to spur ppl into participating more.
Yeah territories with teams in get attacked more but there’s less territories to attack bc it’s all walkers. I just just went and looked there is over 24 territories in my region that are overrun by walkers. I’ve never seen it so empty since its launch.
Then add in that it crashes constantly and it’s recipe for disaster.

@JB.Scopely, you ppl seriously need to rethink the setup, only giving points to attacks against teams is not a smart move. The game is based around killing walkers not just other ppls teams, yet we get no points for killing them and establishing territory?!? That makes no sense. Thats how you know the development doesn’t even play or understand their own game!
Ladygeek has perfectly summed up our issues with this feature and has giving you a guide on where the holes are that need to be patched. :pray:PLS listen

All I see is

  1. You hate territories

Still a choice. Only messy part is walkers not worth pts which is driving the bulk of the madness. I do agree the pop ups are excessive and block the much needed buttons while farming or otherwise.

  1. You hate that players can now progress as individuals.

One of the longest running complaints was that super active individuals in low rank factions could not grow as the best rewards were locked in faction events (mainly war). Solo leagues rewards these players in huge way.

  1. Too much to do

Again leagues rewards most active. It’s a choice to whether you compete in it. Choose whether or not you want to care and decide how you want to play.