Top 10 reasons I give Scopely credit for leagues


10] Few Bugs
Gotta take notice of the rare occasion when Scopely manages to not dump a crapton of new bugs with a large update. Only bug I’ve seen so far is the war leaderboard.

9] Good UI
There are lots of tabs and help text to explain a lot about the new feature.

8] More time value
Leagues has increased the value of raids and territories, now adding extra rewards to things we were already spending time on previously.

7] Cross region play
A chance to chat with and compete against new communities of players.

6] Faction Component
The faction league incentivizes more activity, and also helps in the growth of newer players.

5] a hint of Proportional Rewards
This may be prenature, but so far, the tournaments like the current solo raid are giving a proportional number of solo trophies. In all other events, RTS has a nearly-winner-take-all reware structure where insanely good prizes are given to the top 3 on the leaderboards, 4th to 20th may get a mediocre prize, and then every one else gets total crap. Hopefully, the prizes stay proportional for each season stretch.

4] Better opponent matching
One of the best part of leagues is that – in theory – you’ll match up with people who should be competitive with you, no matter your level or playstyle. If you feel like beasting, you’ll end up in Diamond or Platinum league against players who also have equivalent enthusiasm. If you’re busy and are going to have a light couple of months, then you’ll be a league with similar players and still have good competition.

Its what players have been asking for in suggestions to change the depots. It looks great. But… we’ll have to reserve some judgement until we see the prices.

The exclusive toons look like premier level recruits

This could be a great chance for free to play people to have a shot at nice toons. We’ll have to see the stretch prizes, before we can be sure.


Scopely= 0 credit
Iugo +1


I will take this time to add on too the territory collection issue.

It needs to have something done. Whether its a collect all button or at least all of each type of currency cause all the taps to click for 6 damn tokens especially now with leagues the turnover is insane an this i see is a huge QOL that needs to happen.

Like OP said collecting before was annoying as hell now its almost not worth it. Im plenty well ready to lose on potential tokens by not collecting in any type of timely manner.

I mean does anyone know how that works out??

Lose a territory and not collect it before you end up getting the territory back does that initial token crate just add into the next round or does it poof vanish like i suspect scopely would do to its player base…?


i agree scopley did really good with this 100% credit for scopley


no the crate will stay even if you lose the territory there not that bad


It’s bad when you have to repeatedly collect chests 1 by 1.


Only thing i dont like is how leagues have ruined territories. Make it so Walkers give points too, that’d already fix the problem.

Aside from that I do like leagues, especially because even if you’re a casual player you get placed with people who have a similar activity level.


I know it stays when you lose the territory until you collect it.

My question was if you lose it and then gain the same territory back before you collected the original case that was already there does it accumulate or that first chest is sort of over ridden.

Suppose i could test it out but thats just trying with how much i already dont like territories…


It accumulates


Leagues havent even started, were still in the seeding phase. There is no way you can already try to rate leagues when we havent fully experienced it yet


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