Top 10 factions of RTS

After reading the [Troll Post] Top 10 factions. Change my mind of his opinions for who the tops factions in RTS currently are, I decided to make up my own list based on the past few cross region wars. This list is not definitive, but its as close to what I feel is representative of current strengths.
I thought it would be interesting to put this together now (@Bane declined), as I’m sure there will be more changes to the top faction landscape after the upcoming transfer window closes.
Discuss if you like, disagree should you feel its wrong, and of course spam the chat with “who cares” statements as per usual.

  1. VV
  2. TTT
  3. Mofos
  4. Walkers
  5. WAO
  6. Juggs
  7. DR
  8. BIO
  9. DAR
  10. Victory

I think this is a pretty good list.

Yessssss! Another “kings off the dung heap” thread. I dig it.


I think that seems fairish. Top 2 are definitely set, but I think TTT could fight for #1 spot.
Top 3-10 i think could change with every matchup, and just shows how much smaller the competitive pool is getting.


So no faction from lancaster is on here :c

DAR beat Bio and WAO our last two CRWs. Just saying. WAO is definitely a great Faction though. Nothing but props to an amazing weekend. Bio, well, meh. I was very disappointed. A lot of trash talk and more flopping.

-Daddy of Art




Exactly this. Soon the top ten list will be the only factions left but the casuals. The attrition rate with the new s class is way to high with the new s class and scopely killing the dolphin players. The two biggest factions that had the most competition merging should really shine light on how had its gotten


So… you made a top 10 post, because someone made their top 10 post, just to discuss the top 10 factions…

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You definitely beat WAO on activity, but actual strength no, not really.

It looked more like you guys cut and ran instead of fighting everytime you went head to head against WAO (or at least most of them). Which is a fine tactic to win, but doesn’t make you a better faction necessarily.


They were up 180k and lost by 200k. Yeah they beat us in the H2H but we played it smarter. What about bio? We beat them in H2H and for first. What’s your argument there?

Don’t be getting all worked up bud, I said it was a fine tactic. Just didn’t mean you should be higher ranked. You’re definitely stronger then Bio though, I didn’t even mention them.

3 losses the whole CRW you guys had how many? YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN WAO…

I mean, WAO is stronger than DAR, but who won last weekend?

You can have the best 30, but if you lost CRW, then you lost.

I would say half hour search times most of Friday night definitely didn’t help wao very much . Hopefully they do a traditional 8v8 and they match wao and dar again. Would be fun to see zan go full methead for 3 days again lol


DAR had their fair share of search times as well. We faced BT back to back at one point because of the shit search times.

Ok cool again will be nice to see a rematch of the 8v8 variety.

You built your lead Friday night. I went to sleep in first and woke up 100k back