Top 10 factions. Change my mind

  1. TTT
  2. VV
  3. MOFOS
  4. DAR
  5. WAO
  6. Walkers
  7. SIC
  8. Biohazard
  9. DR
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i dont think this is entirely accurate… no victory for one unless they’ve fallen off as of late. banes list were always nice to see where people stood.

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Who are they? Never heard of them

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Why is ttt above vv. Have they won head to head? Did I miss a war?

I mean the two best factions merged to make VV and you still put TTT above them. Interesting.

Gtfoh with that list. Zk will always be #1.


You drop a war to Victory you’re not that good. JS

tbf everyone has basically been getting woc in wave 1 regions last few wars.not just you guys getting touch matches we pulled TTT several times in a 6/7 hour span where they barely pulled any other top 5 faction.

Why does deuce keep withdrawing his replies? Is he scurred?

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I think so yeah

“You drop a war to Victory you’re not that good. JS”


Damn! That’s a whooping.

Hurry withdraw it so no one sees!!

SS and saved

[quote=“CPcoach2156, post:1, topic:80704, full:true”]

  • TTT
  • VV
  • DAR
  • WAO
  • Walkers
  • SIC
  • Biohazard
  • DR
  • Victory

How to spot a loser

Who you talking about booger? Oops. Cigarito

What happens when you drop a game to task force black? Mandatory uninstall?

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Enjoy that picture because there are 30 or so others that you cant post.

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Let’s make rankings on which factions spend the most money! I’d be more interested in that

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